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A multimedia extravaganza starring Carmen Electra. Features dozens of Carmen Electra movies and many images.

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springbreakmiami.jpg - 9028 Bytes 03/19/03 ball3.gif - 128 Bytes Spring Break Miami
Carmen is once again part of MTV's annual Spring Break festivities. This time, she's taking Molly Simms place as the host of Fashionably Loud Miami. The special debuts on Friday March 21st at 5:30 PM ET/PT. Of course, it will be repeated over the weekend numerous times: again on Friday at 10:30 PM, Saturday at 12:00 PM, Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1:00 AM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. Check mtv.com for more info.

03/06/03 ball3.gif - 128 Bytes Marie Claire Magazine
marieclaires.gif - 10069 BytesThis pretty picture of Carmen can be found in the current (April) issue of Marie Claire magazine, with Christina Aguilera on the cover. The picture has a small quote from Carmen:
"I've always had a stomach, and it used to drive me crazy. I wanted perfect abs- just that six-pack with nothing there. Then I realized it's part of what makes me a woman. Our bodies are built this way to have children, and I love it. Now I embrace it."

02/27/03 ball3.gif - 128 Bytes Baywatch Hawiian Wedding
hbay01s.jpg - 2174 Bytes hbay02s.jpg - 1893 Bytes hbay03s.jpg - 3843 Bytes
hbay04s.jpg - 2996 Bytes hbay05s.jpg - 1929 Bytes hbay06s.jpg - 2593 Bytes
Don't forget to watch the 2 hour Baywatch movie on FOX titled Baywatch Hawiian Wedding. It airs on Friday night, the 28th of February at 8:00. To the left are some pictures that were printed in various magazines like People and TV Guide- mostly from this weeks issues.

fhmbay01s.jpg - 2549 Bytes 02/07/03 ball3.gif - 128 Bytes FHM Cover
Carmen shares the cover of the new FHM with all the other Baywatch girls, promoting the February 28th airing of the Baywatch Reunion movie on FOX. Click on the thumbnail to see all of Carmen's pictures.

01/25/03 ball3.gif - 128 Bytes Health & Fitness Magazine
handf01s2.jpg - 4869 BytesBe sure and pick up the latest issue of Health & Fitness magazine, because our Carmen is on the cover, looking as cute and can be in her favorite Juicy outfit. It's the February/March issue, and it has a very nice interview. There is one big picture in the piece, as well as a smaller one on the index page. Click on the picture to see them, and you can read the article here!

12/21/02 ball3.gif - 128 Bytes Livin' Large
livinlarge.gif - 14877 Bytes
Carmen's new television show that she hosts along with Kadeem Kardison, Livin' Large, is the new version of the eighties show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. It can now be seen just about everywhere in the country, so check your local listings at the TV Guide website.

lslovestorylogosm.gif - 5341 Bytes 11/10/02 ball3.gif - 128 Bytes HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
What better way to celebrate Carmen and Dave's 2 year mark than to visit the new Love Story page for a nice gushy story and some juicy downloads!

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P-cats on Letterman
lettermanmov.jpg - 3859 Bytes
Click to download the entire appearance! (34.7 MB) More Pussycat clips here.
at FHM
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Blender StoryBrowse Carmen's CD Collection!!
She has a cool new piece in Blender magazine!

memorygame.jpg - 2586 Bytes
..the Carmen Electra Memory Game!

A multimedia extravaganza starring Carmen Electra. Features dozens of Carmen Electra movies and many images.

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